For this movie, I’d say watch it with an open mind.

I’ve seen mixed reviews about this movie. Some people loved it while others consider it to display an extreme standpoint of systematic racism. To me, its a well-made horror movie with subtle comedic moments. The perspective, although exaggerated and unrealistic, is fresh and unique. Its a break from typical horror movies and there are great symbolic references through the visuals, dialogue and soundtrack. There is great depth to the scenes and I realized this after reading the IMDb trivia section (avoid it if you haven’t watched the movie yet).

The plot was quite predictable but I was impressed by the way it was executed. The dialogue contains great meaning and provides us with an insight into the stereotypes that human beings have to live with every day. And lastly, it was refreshing to see the black guy actually surviving till the end of a horror movie.

I would recommend this movie to everyone and won’t give away much as it would spoil the movie. Even if you don’t enjoy the symbolism or social standpoint, it still manages to be highly entertaining. 

Rating: 7/10

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